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A brain and a brush can change the world.

  • prisonser

    America, land of the free, hosts the largest prison population per capita in the history of the world. Everyday we can fight against the oppressive governmental machine...
    08 June 2013 // 0 Comments
  • down town muse

    Fight back against the privacy invasion war being waged by the U.S government and the T.S.A. Found this little diamond on downtown muse, she took this picture...
    08 June 2013 // 0 Comments
  • la-vida-shop---Leba-art

    New wall finished on San Pedro and 22nd at the La VIDA skateshop in South Central L.A. If you need some decks wheels cans or trucks stop...
    07 June 2013 // 0 Comments
  • leba at the fringe show
    Found some pics from one of my shows at the fringe in la on Brooklyn street art blog. check out the pics and post here theres some...
    07 June 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 6.17.13 PM
    La weekly got some great shots of the crowd that showed for the shizNICk show at Iam8bit get a look at the images here You can see...
    24 April 2013 // 0 Comments
  • Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 5.54.05 PM

    Upcoming show with Iam8bit coming in Late April early June, stay posted at Iam8bits site https://www.facebook.com/iam8bitproductions?fref=ts
    05 April 2013 // 0 Comments
  • happiness starts with prohibited
    Cameo piece in this new Video out by WanderLust Following artist “Bandit” you can see me at 4:45 along with some other great work, check it out.
    23 August 2012 // 0 Comments
  • leba-with-the-status-faction
    Up with the Status Faction in Atlanta, thanks to the TSF crew for snapping this pic,
    23 August 2012 // 0 Comments
  • Say Something, Stop the TSA take over of America : Leba
    New artwork from Leba featuring a TSA representative getting too fresh with a patron. Like the piece says, ‘Say Something!’ Dig it~ Melrose and Fairfax
    23 August 2012 // 0 Comments
  • featured
    A new piece on melrose and alta vista THe kind people over at melrose and fairfax snapped some keen shots, thanks to q-tip and the krew for...
    14 April 2011 // 0 Comments
  • leba_on_chive
    LEba got some love on THECHIVE lately. THECHIVE which is “Thebest site in the world”. Thanks to THECHIVE for taking some nice pics and putting them up....
    10 April 2011 // 0 Comments
  • Leba : Anne Frank painting in Venice Beach
    The Leba “Save Gaza” piece that was on Ocean Front Walk has been removed. My guess is that someone grabbed the sheet of plywood it was painted...
    25 February 2011 // 0 Comments
  • 2010.09.sunsetbates
    heres the link, http://la.curbed.com/archives/2010/09/_asking_no_were_just.php check it out,
    14 February 2011 // 0 Comments
  • Robert F Kennedy
    18 June 2010 // 0 Comments
  • burgerCop
    10 June 2010 // 0 Comments


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